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Tributes Page 3

 These new tributes are from Sharon Smith, who writes:
I wrote these shortly after Lane died. 
The news was devastating to me. 
I received a phone call shortly after I arrived at work. 
A mutual friend who wasn't able to reach me at home. 
Just as I answered the phone the news came over the radio
They've made you into a hero
who died for the love of his sport:
A man who set a caliber
for cowboys of his sort.
Your face on every poster,
your loss in the back of every mind,
a Champion of Champions,
you were surely one of a kind.
When you left us at the Frontier Days,
who could have guessed it would end that way.
Your last ride, the final go:
Now you ride in a place we all hope to know.
You are missed there, behind the chutes,
the way it used to be.
We ride the bad ones without you now
from Ft Worth to Calgary.
Yet every time we hang our ropes,
you are found within our prayers;
and at the end of every ride,
we can almost feel you there.
©Sharon Smith


You knew the breaks
You knew the rule
You traveled the road
You drew the bull
You were free and living
the life you love
With wide open spaces
and blue skies above
The place was Cheyenne
The Big Frontier Days
The bull was a bad one
in the rankest of ways
The stage was set
The time had come
You psyched yourself up
and put your on
The bulls came out
one by one
Cowboys went down,
now it's your turn...
One last deep breath
and throw back your chaps
Climb over the chute
and pull down your hat
You slide down on his back
easy and slow
Use every trick
everything that you know
You call for the gate
The big bull is ready
He blows and he twists
and he's a little bit heady
You're looking tough
No one could know
You've rode your last bull
You've made your last show
You're over and down
The clowns move in fast
But this bull's a hunter
with a mean looking past
It's over and done
in the blink of an eye
In only eight seconds
Lane Frost has died.
©Sharon Smith



We Miss You Lane

Your smiling face,
we'll see no more.
For you have passed
through Heaven's Door.

You gave us the rides
that lasted for eight.
In those rodeo arenas
when they pulled the gate,

You gave us your wave
with the twist of your hands.
And you always had time
for all of your fans.

You gave us your best,
did you know how much we cared?
And now when we look
You are no longer there.

With the hit of a horn
in a minute you were gone.
We didn't know
we wouldn't have you for long.

You gave us your best,
did you know how much we cared?
And now it's so lonely
You are no longer there.
                                           ©Beth Thomas 1999~Oklahoma




The poem below was submitted by Danielle Brush
in Memory of her younger brother Michael Brush,
who passed away on July 25, 1998, at the age of 23.
Michael admired Lane a lot,
and carried this poem in his billfold. 


Michael Brush
Michael Brush

Just Call Him A Cowboy


He works in the city, wears a suit and a tie

He makes a good living, but he can't live a lie

His competitive friends just don't understand

His longing for freedom, his love for the land

Just call him a cowboy
and you won't have to care

About the depth of his feelings
or the length of his hair.


He admits that he is different and he knows he don't fit,

He confesses he does things a good man would quit

When folks see him coming, they just back away

When they see how he's dressed, they have nothing to say

Just call him a cowboy and you won't cause a fight

He can't get mad 'cause he knows that you're right.


He owns an old horse and pays for his board

His wife doesn't like it but she won't say a word

He rides on the weekends whenever he can

I guess that pony is his closest friend

Just call him a cowboy and then let him try

To live out his dream that never will die


He's as much of a cowboy as he'll ever be

He's as close to the real thing as you'll ever see

He's fighting a battle that he'll never win

The world will not change and he won't give in

Just call him a cowboy and leave him alone --

He's learned how to live in a world of his own.
"Author Unknown"


Our first international contribution!

My Tribute to
L A N E ** F R O S T

           L  egends live forever.
         A   lways doing his best to help others.
        N   ever afraid to go after his dreams.
        E   asily thought as the "World's Best Bullrider."

         F  orever in our thoughts.
       R  iding Red Rock a tremendous effort.
       O  pen-hearted, down to earth and sincere.
       S  till positively affecting people's lives.
       T  ruly a wonderful person.

         ©Kelly Simpson 1999~Australia



Here is another contribution
from Kelly Simpson,
who lives in Australia.


Using ideas, thoughts and facts on Lane,
Kelly has put together a wonderful tribute.


...........Ten Years Without Lane Frost..........


T ears well in our eyes when we think
.......of that 30th day of July 1989 Cheyenne.


E ven now, ten years later,
........he is still in our thoughts,


N ever to be replaced or forgotten,
..........just dearly missed. You think of how should have been, like it was
..........100 times before.






Y ou think of the draw, the bull, the
.........atmosphere, the fans, the 8 seconds,
.........that wave, the cheer and then
.........that smile, but....


E ach rodeo was different, unfortunately,
.........yet still with the same outcome.


A  s we know, Lane didn't always win,
.........but he didn't have to,


R  odeo and bull riding were blessed
..........just to have him compete.


o many times we ask ourselves....
........"but why?"






W ell we can't answer that, just learn accept it.


  t's not fair nor does it seem right.


o want to take Lane, so early.
.........Well, that just proves how good
.........a person he must have been yet.....


e had so much to look forward to and many unfinished plans,


  nly someone upstairs had other plans for
........our Lane Frost, 'cause....


U nlike most of the "typical" rodeo riders,
........ Lane was different.


all, friendly, sincere and down to earth-
.........a true champion.






iving his life to the fullest, loving what
........he was doing and doing what he loved.


A  lways good for a laugh, a smile, an
..........encouraging word or a pat on the back.


ever too busy to take time out and talk
..........with his fans, or still help his Mom and
..........Dad around their house.


E ven when he must have been exhausted
.......with it all.






or many years his talents and achievements all aspects enlightened our lives.


R  egretfully though, we have had to make it a decade without Lane Frost.


O  f course we'll get our chance to see him
.........again though, "starring in
.........Heaven's Rodeo", because....


S  adly he was not afraid to go after his dreams
.......and he was willing to pay the price.


o you Lane Frost... we salute.

..©by Kelly Simpson 1999~Australia

Here is a memory of Lane,
submitted by
Katy Kaczmarek of Cheyenne, Wyoming.
on what was to be one of her happiest days,
but turned into one of her worst.

I don't have a poem for you,
but I do have a story
you might be interested in.
My name is Katy Kaczmarek.
I lived in Cheyenne for 11 years.
I had the pleasure of meeting Lane
about 20 minutes before he died in Cheyenne.
I was 10 years old, when it happened.
I will never forget that day as long as I live.
When the movie came out, I did not want to see it.
It took a lot of people to hold me down
and make me watch it thinking
it would help me to get over Lane's death.
I still can not watch that movie
without crying or leaving the room.
I also can not hear "Lane's Theme."

I know it might sound silly
to be this upset over something
that happened 10 years ago next month,
but to all your readers
It is sooo much different
when you met and watch your hero die in one day.
It hurts everyday.
There isn't a day that I don't think about Lane
and what life would be like
if he was still here with us.


Thanks to Lane Frost I am now a female bull rider.
Thanks Lane.

From Katy Kaczmarek~Cheyenne, Wyoming



Lane's Last Ride

It was a rainy July day

all seemed to be okay.

The crowd packed in Cheyenne

unaware they'd leave a cryin.

The World Champion rode for 85

planning to finish this ride alive.

Taken in his prime early in life at 25

who could have committed such a crime?

Takin Care of Business was his name

that bull is the only one to blame.

Kellie loved that cowboy with all her heart

barely standing when they were apart.

The couple were married so happily

getting ready to buy land and start a family.

The legend was laid to rest by Freckles, his friend

although our hearts most likely will never mend.

Life seemed to somehow continue on

but Lane Frost is forever gone.

Trust in God and things will be okay

and you will be reunited with him one day.

©Tracy Odom2000  
Booneville, Arkansas



I had the good fortune to meet Lane in about 1985.  
He was one of the friendliest, most down to earth people 
I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
I wrote two stories about Lane after I met him. 
 I interviewed him for the hometown paper I worked for at the time, (The Orange Leader) 
and an open letter to him was posted in The Christian Ranchman 
soon after his death. (Posted below)

I always will remember Lane and how friendly he was when I would see him
at the rodeos here in our area, and how he always remembered me; and the
kind words and that great smile that he always offered to everybody.
Evelyn Brandon-Barton~Texas

Dear Lane,
Why did it have to be you (or anybody for that matter)? 
 I guess we always took it for granted that since you were so good 
it could never happen to you.
But it did.  

Now I guess the question we all entertain foremost in our minds is why?

Did God's plan have to be filled so soon?  
You were so young, so full of life.  
But God has a plan for everybody's life 
and a reason for everything that happens.
I remember the first time I met you!  I was thrilled. 
 You were such a gentleman. 
 I had always dreamed of meeting you, you were my favorite bull rider.  
When I got the chance to interview you for a story to go in
the paper I worked for, I was beside myself!  
I said a thousand things to you then; 
now all I can think to say is, "God Bless you, brother."

I always looked forward to going to the pro-rodeos, 
because I knew you would be there; and you always had a smile, 
a handshake and kinds words for me. 
 I was always so impressed that you remembered me. 
 Thanks Lane.

Right now, more than anything, I am so thankful that I got the chance to
pray with you in Jasper at the Lion's Club rodeo. 
 It was May 12, 1989.
Your spirit seemed so down, 
hardly the Lane Frost that I was accustomed to seeing.  
You know, the Lane with that vibrant, lively, all American boy-next-door smile.

When I found out why you were so down,
 I wasted no time in asking you if you wanted to pray.  
I'm so glad you agreed. 
 I have to say that I, personally  have never seen a cowboy 
humble himself before the Lord the way you did that night. 
We agreed that the Lord does not send anything
or anybody into the world that is not perfect in His eyes.  
We also agreed that things happen for reasons that we don't know of,
 or understand. 
 We also thanked the Lord for  that things were beginning to
go well for you in certain areas of your life.  
I praise God that you prayed with an open heart that evening. 
 I was very happy to see you again humble yourself before the Lord, 
on your knees, before your ride that night. 
 It gave me the feeling that you had an understanding with God, 
as all cowboys do.

The most exciting thing I can say is that 
I believe in my heart that you knew the Lord, 
and you knew that He had a place for you in His Kingdom

I believe that you are walking ... no, bounding ... down those streets of Gold, 
sharing that precious smile with every soul you meet.

Lane, I wish I would have told you all of this while you were here.
Maybe it would have brightened one of your days the way you always did mine.  
I just thank God I was able to share the things with you that I did.  
Your spirit was always happy, which in turn made mine happy.
I will see you in Glorious Heaven, and when I do, 
I will tell you all the things I am saying now.

Well Lane, I guess it's time for me to go now. 
 Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and friends.  
You were dearly loved and you will be greatly missed.  
Ride high my friend.  I love you in Christ.
Your sister in Christ,
Is 40:31

©Evelyn Brandon-Barton


 This tribute is from 
BJ Normand.

Here, in BJ's own words, is why it was written.

I spent my whole life growing up with rodeo.  My
father was a 6-time World Champion Chuckwagon driver.  He lost his life in
'94 at the Ponoka Stampede.  It took me years to get over the accident.

Before dad passed on we had watched the movie "8 Seconds" with several other
members of our town's tight knit rodeo community.  At the movie it was kinda
strange seein' the life I had lived since i was a baby on the screen.  It
was a special experience, there was moments when our group was the only one
that truly understood what was occuring.

In 1994 my dad died when the wagon he was driving tipped and rolled over
him.  That was on July 2, 1994,  just one week before Calgary Stampede. 
Everyone said it was his year.  We'll never know.

That year was the first time I didn't attend all 10 perfs of Calgary.  I
immediately tried to find the poem that the actor playing Cody read in the
plane, something about that poem helped me.

I was fine until the next summer when i was watching the bull riding in
Ponoka and realized I was right where dad was when he died.

After that I thought there was something left undone.

I left things be until this spring,  I was attending my first year of
University in Edmonton, home of the Canadian Finals, when I heard on the
radio about yet another tragedy, the loss of a great friend to rodeo, Glen
Keeley.  At that point I sat down and started to write, I started to write
just for Glen but when I was done the words expressed the feelings that I
felt and that were felt by the rodeo community after we lost Lane, Richard
Cosgrave, my father, Bill McEwen (another wagon driver), Eugene Jackson (an
outrider), and Glen.

This summer at the Medicine hat stampede we lost another friend of the Rodeo
Family.  Chris Self was killed when the bull Bullistic which he was riding
stepped on his back.  Chris later died of internal injuries.

The following weekend the Strathmore Heritage Days Rodeo held a tribute to
Chris.  While I new the organizer of the tribute I decided to to offer the
words that I wrote as I thought that they could only fully be understood by
the rodeo community.

I have since changed my mind, so here is the poem.



by BJ Normand

As we stand here,
Yet again,
Short one more friend,
We ponder why.

We ride most every day,
Why we still travel down the road,
And live the life we do.

Anyone that's met us knows were a different breed,
Some say were crazy,
Some say were brave,
We are just to modest to say otherwise.

We've lost a few over the years,
And we've been known to kick up the dust with our tears,
But we will still go down the road tryin' to make the next show.

We never think of quitin',
Never think to walk away,
We just hope that we are here to rodeo another day.
Good-bye boys.
©BJ Normand

BJ Normand

Bull Riders Prayer

Lord bless this ride I have tonight,
Please stay beside me to win this fight.

Lord bless my rope and keep it safe,
or  a broken bone I might have to face.

Lord bless my spurs and keep them strong,
give me a grip that will always hold on.

Bless my vest and the chaps I wear,
For it is a look every cowboy must bare.

Lord bless my mind and keep it clear,
or a no score ride will I hear.

Help me to ride and have the time of my life.
Keep me safe for the sake of my wife.

Help me ride and spur this beast down,
Draw upon his blood and make him spin round.

When I climb in that chute and nod my head yes,
Let my faith be in you, who always knows best.

Most of all Lord help me never to forget
without you by my side no glory will I get.

©Ashlee K. Pearce - Mobile, AL
When I first heard, I couldn't believe
    no not him, it couldn't be
    oh God why, so many times I've prayed
    but with these words, my respects I've paid
    I can see him by God's side
    from birth, to childhood, to his last ride
    until we meet up on that shore
    may this simple cowboy ride forevermore
In loving memory of
                                    Lane Frost
                                    Jeremy Flynn
©Dustin Thompson


 Lane Frost, You Were A Good Bull Rider,
But You Were Also a Good Man,

When You Saw Somebody Troubled,
You Lent Out a Helping Hand.

You Admired Your Fans,
As They Admired You,

And As Some Would Say,
` This Cowboy is True``

The Day You Left,
Was The Day It Rained,

The Angels Of Heaven,
Were Calling Out Your Name.

To Let Go Was Hard,
So Hard To Do,

You Were a Good Cowboy,
One That Was True.

You Lane Frost,
A Kind Hearted Man,

You Are My Hero,
And I am Your Fan

 ~©Lindsey Jones~


You WereThe Champion of The Champions,

The Best One Of Them All,

A Good Heart Deep Within You,

And So You Stood Darn Tall,

Your Legacy Was Rodeo,

But It Wasnt Just The Fame,

Rodeo Without You,

Will Never Be The Same.

You Took a Bull & Rode It,

And You Did The Best You Could,

In The Eyes Of All The Viewers,

You Were Pretty Dang Darn Good,

Every Now And Then,

I See A Trail Of Tears,

From Those Who Miss You Lane,

And Still Wish You were Here.

If Only I could Tell You,

Just How Proud We Are,

Of Our Little Rodeo Champion,

And Now Our Shining Star.

                            ©Lindsey Jones~


Lane's Last Cheyenne Ride
Lane Frost was his name,
& Bullriding was his game.
Until that fateful day in Cheyenne,
when all Lane had was one hell of a plan.
To win that Rodeo,
to take it out.
So his beautiful wife Kellie,
would scream & shout.
But Kellie never got to do this,
for this would be Lane's last ride.
His wife never got to see this though,
as she was making movies to lift Lane's pride.
Now this bull was evil,
and wasn't very clean.
Bucking Cowboys off his back,
was his only dream.
Lane had rode this bull once before,
but wasn't so lucky on this day.
For this was when Takin' Care Of Business threw him off,
and took HIS life away.
NEVER Forgotten & ALWAYS Remembered.
©Talana Smith
Glen Innes  NSW  Australia


A tribute to moving back to Cheyenne, Wyoming to rodeo with my partner Kelly Summerfield


I am a bull rider,
and so are you,
this is some thing that you are,
not just something that you do.

we've been down many hard roads,
driven many painful miles,
and even when we didn't win,
you were still all smiles.

It was bad those couple of years,
when I went away,
but now I'm here forever,
and here, I wil stay.

I'm glad I came back here,
so we can ride once again.
You are forever my brother,
no longer just a friend.

Many times I thought of how
we were compared to Lane and Tuff,
They never let it get to them,
just cause things got a little rough.

We will partner up and rodeo,
just like it should have been,
knowing that I left you once,
and knowing it was a sin.

I can't hardly wait until,
we are buckin' in the mud,
we are no longer just buddies,
now we are BLOOD.

                                    © TW BROWN
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