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The photos below are courtesy of TC Swope, who also has a letter on the Tributes Page of this site.
I also printed TC's letter at the bottom of this page.
On July 24, 1993 a Memorial Sculpture by Chris Navarro of Lane riding a bull was dedicated to Lane at the 
Frontier Days Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
The sculpture stands 15 feet high, 11 feet long, 7 feet wide, and weighs more than a ton.

Clyde and Elsie Frost, Kellie Frost, and even Luke Perry, who was filming "8 Seconds" at that time, attended. 
It was the first time the Frosts were back in Cheyenne since Lane's death.


Below is a photo of the display inside the Frontier Museum. 
The shirt is the one Lane wore during his last interview with George Michael, a few days before he was killed.

Dear Sharon,

I am sure you hear this all the time but I did know Lane Frost. My family is from Okalahoma and the
first time I met him was a high school rodeo. Not long
after that my father was transferred and we 
moved to
California (big culture shock). Anyway I still followed the H.S. rodeo circuit even though 
I was not
riding anymore (no place to keep the horse). Not long after I became an adult I moved to 
Flagstaff AZ. where
I happened to run into Lane, Tuff, Cody L., Cody C. and many others at a rodeo. 
I went up and
re-introduced myself to them and Lane acted as if we had never lost contact and we 
were the best of
love your website and I am wanting to add this to it. It is a letter I started writing to Lane not long
after his death and I finished it a few years later I
would like it if you include it and pass a copy of it
on to Clyde and Elsie, I think they would appreciate

Thank You, TC Swope

Dear Lane

  There were so many times I wanted to write this letter, but I feel itís now to late.  
But even though you are not with us in body you are in spirit and thereís things that just canít wait.

  Dear Lane,

      You were always the one that brought us together, that is just people in general.  
We watch and cheered as you rode the bulls hoping for a real great score and whether you 
made the 8 seconds or got bucked off you were the model of the rodeo cowboy a true gentleman 
in everyway.  You know when two of your buddies disagreed you were always the one to keep 
the peace.  Maybe you donít know it, but small children and adults alike always looked up to you.  
You were the one that everyone wanted to be, and even after all this time every bull rider I know 
always talks about Lane Frost the World Champion and the person that he really is.  

From the day you were born your destiny was already planned but you were taken away much to soon.  
In the short time you were here you touched many lives, starting when you were young and 
never ending even after youíve gone.  There is not one day that goes by that I donít think about you, 
whether it is by watching a rodeo or hearing a familiar song.  You know it sure is funny every-time 
I walk into a rodeo arena I see you there.  Sometimes itís hard to believe that you are really gone.  
I know what happened in Cheyenne was real, but I keep thinking Iím dreaming a real bad dream 
and one day I will wake up and somehow you will be there.  There in the Rodeo of life bucking out 
another Red Rock or being one of the few to conquer Bodacious.  

But I know that will never happen so I must live the memory of you.  
So in the closing of this letter I just want to say, that as long as there is a breath in me 
I will never let them forget you or your name because you are a true cowboy 
and Rodeo was your game.

  Always, TC   


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