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Mount Olivet

There are a lot of photos on this page, and it will load slowly.

This page was created for all of Lane's friends
that are not able to visit Mount Olivet, Lane's resting place.


To view new photos taken at Christmas, 2000, Click HERE
Many thanks to Sharon Ridenour for taking them!
gate1.jpg (29979 bytes)     Mt. Olivet Cemetery,
in Hugo, OK.
is where the 
Frost Family
chose to have
Lane buried,
next to his friend
Freckles Brown.

     The main road of  Mount Olivet.

Mount Olivet is open
dawn to dusk
7 days a week.

Directions to Lane's grave site:

You will turn into the cemetery,
and go under the arch at the gate.
Drive down the main road
to the first road on your right.
(This road will be before you get to the office.)
Turn right.

After you turn right on the first road,
Lane's grave site will be on your left,
about 3 or 4 car lengths down the road.

In the picture below
you can see how Lane's marker,
in the shape of his World Champion belt buckle,
and his friend Freckles Brown's tall brown marker
look from the road.

The flag pole is another good mark
to look for.

road.jpg (55231 bytes)
lhsbk1.jpg (96187 bytes) The back of

See pictures
below for
more detail.

baptist2.jpg (25135 bytes) First Baptist Church
Atoka, Ok.

On August 2, 1989,
Lane's funeral service was
held at the First Baptist Church
in Atoka, Ok.
It was thought to be large enough
to hold all the people that would
come to pay their respects to Lane.

However, Oklahoma's paper, "The Oklahoman",
estimated that
3500 people attended Lane's funeral.

1200 filled the pews and aisles of the church
and its adjacent auditorium,
and the rest of the mourners
stood outside in the rain,
listening to the service over loudspeakers.

The former state legislator and rodeo announcer
Clem McSpadden, in his eulogy about Lane said,

"He had one great quality
that separates him
from much of this generation today.

He knew no greed.

To the people he baled hay with
in Choctaw County,
and the people he worked cattle with,
he was just what he was.

He had goals that far exceeded a
championship buckle,
and today he wears
the buckle of immortality."

The Rev. Willard Moody
of Roswell, N.M. said that
Lane was one of the many
rodeo cowboys that
"get to know Jesus"

(Lane was a born-again Christian.)

He also remarked on the vast age differences
of the mourners at the service who were
Lane's acquaintances.
"Lane knew no age limits
or boundaries when it came
to making friends."

Lane's friends,
Tuff Hedeman, Jim Sharp, Cody Lambert,
Clint Branger, Wes Ward, and Gus Sartin
served as pallbearers.

After the service, Lane was taken to
Hugo, OK.,
about 45 miles from Atoka,
and laid to rest at
Mount Olivet Cemetery, next to
his friend and mentor, Freckles Brown.

"When I have to think of Lane there,
I like to think of Freckles there with him."
name1.jpg (42478 bytes)
The entrance to Mount Olivet Cemetery
Hugo, Ok.
The first burial on Mount Olivet ground
was an infant, on Feb. 16, 1907.
The first documented burial
at Mount Olivet was a
year later on March 27, 1908.
banner1.jpg (52352 bytes) Mount Olivet
celebrated its
100 Year
in 1998.

Mount Olivet is best known for it's
"Showman's Rest" area, where many
circus performers and employees are
laid to rest.

Lane Frost, Freckles Brown, and Todd Whatley
are all World Champion Bull Riders
that are buried at Mount Olivet.

back3.jpg (194178 bytes) This is a picture of
Lane's grave site that
was taken in May 1999.

People that have been
able to visit in the past
might notice the trees
around Lane's grave, and
other graves, are being

This is to try to
stop the vandalism
that is happening in
Mount Olivet.

Even tributes
that have been
left for Lane
by his parents
have been stolen
from his grave.

Whoever took them,
I hope you don't call
yourself a fan,
or a friend!


Below are "Thumbnail" pictures
of  Mount Olivet.
Click on the picture to get a larger image.
Important-Click on your "BACK" button
to return to this page after viewing the
olivet1.jpg (120032 bytes) olivet2.jpg (133174 bytes)
Early morning at
Mount Olivet.
Lane and Freckles
are buried
to the left of the flagpole.
Lane and
(Front View)
both4.jpg (193850 bytes) both6.jpg (137728 bytes)
Two back views of Lane and Freckles' markers.
olivet4.jpg (134523 bytes)     .olivet3.jpg (136175 bytes).      
Lane's Marker. (Front View)
lhsbk4.jpg (142747 bytes) lhsbk5.jpg (114479 bytes)
Lane's Marker. (Back View)
lhsbphotos.jpg (78437 bytes) lhsbk2.jpg (132038 bytes)
The back of Lane's marker. (close-ups)
    A photo of Lane,                      "Lane, I Love You        
      and a photo of                          Kellie"     is                 
Lane and Red Rock.                  engraved in the stone
hat.jpg (49765 bytes) Lanebrand.jpg (62152 bytes)
A friend left this hat for
Lane's visitors to sign.
Lane had a brand
chosen for his bulls.
A backwards "L"
against an "F" with
a bar underneath.
vase.jpg (54130 bytes) Lane might
not have been
but the world
was a better
place when
he was in it.
RRstone.jpg (50414 bytes) tornado.jpg (72413 bytes)
This stone marker is
at the foot of Lane's grave.
This stone marker is
at the foot of Freckles
Brown's grave.
fbft1.jpg (66905 bytes) fbbk.jpg (86917 bytes)
The front and back of Freckles Brown's marker.
ebft.jpg (50519 bytes) ebbk.jpg (64325 bytes)
The front of Edith Brown's
(Freckles' wife), marker.
The back of
Edith's marker.
An emblem of
Freckles' World Champion
Belt Buckle is on the
front of his marker.
fbb.jpg (49045 bytes)
me.jpg (40294 bytes)
"I know what happened to Lane.
If only someone could tell me why."

Special thanks to my husband Steve
for all his work on these photos.


Check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page for the
answers to some of the most asked questions!

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This site began in 1999 in remembrance of Lane Frost and for the Frost Family.
I receive no pay or profit, nor want to,  from my operation of this site.