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Frequently Asked Questions


.A  BIG THANK YOU  to the Frost Family 
for helping to insure the accuracy of these questions.


This page contains the links to other pages on my site, 
that answer many popular questions about Lane, such as:

What was the name of the bull that killed Lane?

Takin' Care of Business  was the name of the bull that killed Lane. It has also been reported that
the bull's name was "K. Walsh", MASO, or "Bad to the Bone", an informal nickname the riders
gave the bull."K Walsh, MASO came from the newspaper reports of Lane's death. Cheyenne
Frontier Rodeo "renames" the bulls for the rodeo to honor local businessmen.
"Bad to the Bone" was an informal nickname the bull riders gave the bull.
To put all the rumors and misunderstandings of the bull's name to rest once and for all
Mrs. Frost called Mac Altizer, the owner of Bad Company Rodeo and the bull, and he stated
the bull's official name was "Takin' Care of Business".

Whatever happened to the bull that killed Lane?

The bull was not destroyed, sold or retired after it killed Lane.
It was used in the 1989 National Rodeo Finals, 5 months after Lane's death, although it is not listed
in the National Finals Register. A reporter that covered the event for "The Oklahoman", and wrote
about Lane's bull riding since 1984, said in his article that, "Erwin Williams was bucked off
Bad Company Rodeo's "Taking Care of Business", the bull that killed Lane Frost."

The bull also appeared in the 1990 National Rodeo Finals.
That is the last official mention I ever found of him.

From a newspaper article that interviewed bull fighters in August 2000.
The bull, "Takin' Care of Business," was retired for breeding since the mid-1990s.
and died last year this weekend.
(Note: That would have been in 1999)  He got arthritis real bad,
and they had to put him down. It was almost 10 years to the day (that Frost died), which was weird. ... 
In the next few years, there'll be a lot of his babies around."

How can I get a copy of the "Cowboy Bible" that Lane's parents give out in his memory?

Please see the "Cowboy Bible" page on this site.

Was the movie "8 Seconds" all true?  Please see the "8 Seconds" page on this site.

Did Lane and Kellie really have problems in their marriage? Please see the "8 Seconds" page on this site.

Did Lane and Kellie ever have a trailer like in the movie? Please see the "8 Seconds" page on this site.                

What is Kellie doing today?  Please see the "Kellie Frost" page on this site.
No, Kellie did not marry Martin Hudson (from the movie).

Whatever happened to Red Rock?    
After Lane was killed at Cheyenne,  John Growney,
the owner of Red Rock, decided to never let another bull rider sit on Red Rock's back, in honor of Lane and the
"Challenge of the Champions". In the early 1990's he was approached by a few people that wanted to set up another
"Challenge" between Red Rock and Ty Murray. But John respectfully declined.
Red Rock died on June 8, 1994 on the Growney Ranch in Red Bluff, California.
He was 18 and apparently suffered a stroke, and died while the vet was attending to him.

He is buried on the Growney Ranch in Red Bluff, California, under the shade of an oak tree.

Clyde Frost, Lane's father, commented on Red Rock, "He was a great bull and he had a great life.
I know he's in a better place now...but he had it pretty good here too."
More about Red Rock on the "Red Rock" page on this site.

Is Lane's dad really like in the movie?

What is Lane's middle name?

Where can I get videos of Lane riding?

Where can I get pictures of Lane?

Did Tuff really ride an extra 8 seconds for Lane in the Finals?

What rodeos and events did Lane win?

For a short version, click...Here...

For a long version, click...Here...

Where was Lane born?

What was the Challenge of the Champions?

When did Lane meet Kellie and Tuff?

Did Cody Lambert really write poetry?      No! see a copy of the poem Cody read flying over Cheyenne, and the full version of it.

New Questions

Did Lane have a van like in the movie?
Yes, Lane did have a van. He drives up in it in the opening moments of his video "Bull Talk".
It did not have his picture, but it did say "Lane Frost 1987 World Champion Bull Rider" on it. It also said 
"Charles Long Ford". This is because, up until 1987 the Dodge Co. gave each world champion 
a Dodge pick up to drive for a year. But in 1987 they awarded the pick ups by a point system, 
and you could only get the points by going to designated rodeos. Lane did not "win" one. 
Charles Long was a very good friend of Kellie and the Kyle family. 
He gave the van to Lane to drive for a year.

What age did Lane start riding bulls?

Do the Frosts still talk with Kellie, Tuff and Cody?
Yes. They still talk with them, and Kellie keeps in touch with Tuff and his wife Tracy and 
Cody and his wife LeAnn.

Do the Frosts still go to rodeos?
Yes, they attend as many of the rodeos and bull riding events that are within driving distance as they can.
Also they try to attend the National Finals Rodeo and in 1999 attended the Professional Bull Riders Finals 
to receive the PBR Ring of Honor in Lane's name. 
(TNN decided to show us commercials instead of the presentation, Thanks guys!)

Why did Lane wear a feather? What is the Scholarship Fund? What were Lane's favorites?

.Lane's feather in his hat-Lane started wearing a feather in his hat when he was 
pretty young. Elsie says that one of Lane's heroes was Monty Henson, 
who was the World Saddle Bronc Champion in 1975, 1976, and 1982. 
Henson also had an impressive streak of qualifying 13 consecutive years 
(1974 through 1986) for the National Finals Rodeo.  
He was inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame  in 1994.
Henson also wore a feather in his hat, and Lane thought that that was "neat".
Clyde remembers Lane finding a feather and saying that "that would be his trademark.". 
Elsie thinks the first feather was probably from a chicken hawk. 
Later Lane also used turkey feathers. 
The feathers would change over the years,  whenever Lane found something 
different or unusual. 


Lane was never a member of the Professional Bull Riders Association. 
(PBR) The PBR was created around 1993. 
Lane was a proud member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association.


Scholarships Given in Lane's Memory.- There are 2 scholarship funds, with 3 different scholarships 
that are given in memory of Lane every year. 

The first scholarship fund was started by the Frosts with money received from selling 
the T shirts, posters, buckles etc. in Lane's name. A percentage of every item 
that is sold that is authorized by the Frosts goes in to this fund. 
Each year 2 scholarships from this fund, one for $2000.00 and  one for $1000.00 are awarded to 
2 members of FFA (Future Farmers of America) at Atoka High School in Atoka, OK., 
which is the high school Lane graduated from.
The scholarships are awarded by a committee and are  based on grades and needs of the members. 
The Frosts do not have anything to do with choosing the recipients

The Frosts are very proud to do this, especially because Lane was a member of the FFA
at Atoka High School. Luke Perry also made a few generous donations to this fund after
the filming of "8 Seconds".

The second scholarship fund gives a $4000.00 scholarship to a participant at 
the National High School Finals Rodeo each year. This scholarship is given by the 
Rodeo Cowboy Alumni in Lane's memory. A panel of judges, (the Frosts are not involved in 
selecting the winner), select the winner on grades, needs and their future plans.
The Rodeo Cowboy Alumni was started by John Hatley and also former rodeo cowboys 
that wanted to get together with each other and give something back to rodeo. 
They chose this scholarship as one of their projects and it is by far the largest scholarship 
out of the hundreds that are given at the High School Finals. 
John died suddenly within the last year, and his wife Lois is handling the paperwork. 
Plans are to keep the Lane Frost Memorial Scholarship Fund and also create a 
John Hatley Memorial Scholarship Fund.
For more information, please contact:
Rodeo Cowboy Alumni, PO Box 2455, Corrales, NM 87048



Check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page for the
answers to some of the most asked questions!

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This site began in 1999 in remembrance of Lane Frost and for the Frost Family.
I receive no pay or profit, nor want to,  from my operation of this site.