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Lane's Family


Clyde Frost

Lane's dad, Clyde, competed in 5 National Finals Rodeos.
In 1959, 1960, and 1963 he competed in the Bareback Riding Event
and in 1962 and 1964 he competed in both
the Bareback Riding and Saddle Riding Events.

In addition, he also helped his good friend Freckles Brown
compete in the Bull Riding Event by pulling his bull rope.

No, he's not like Lane's Movie Dad!

There isn't too much written about Lane's dad, Clyde.
This is unfortunate, because most people thus perceive him to be
like the father in the movie "8 Seconds",
who always told Lane he could have done better if he just tried harder.

About this misconception,
Elsie Frost, Lane's mom, said,

"In the movie, it's like Lane kept driving himself to do good
to prove himself to his dad.
That was not the case at all.
We wouldn't have cared if he had never ridden that bull.
But in the end, it turns out good because it makes you know
that you should tell everyone you love them
because you might not ever have another chance.
I feel like that over-rides the 'bad image' of Clyde."

Although it must have been tough seeing your
husband and your son portrayed differently than they really are.


Elsie and Clyde Frost October 1999
                                 ©Allen Glanville 1999
                                       Used with Permission

Elsie and Clyde Frost (on right) with 
Cody Lambert (white shirt) at 1999 PBR Finals
receiving Ring of Honor for Lane.

Click here Buckles for a close-up of the ring.


Elsie and Clyde Frost in Cowboy Up
                                                                   Photo Courtesy of David Wittkower
                                                      ©Ctch22 Productions 2001

Elsie Frost

Lane's mom, Elsie, is still involved in rodeo events today. Both of Lane's parents still support his friends,
and Elsie is one of the first ones to call, or visit the family of a rodeo performer critically injured or killed.

She said, in a 1994 interview, "We decided just shortly after Lane was killed
we were going to be there (at rodeos) if we could because we felt like that was where he 
(Lane) wanted us to be."

The Frosts are also involved in the "Western Wishes Foundation"
Information on this foundation can be found on my
"Other Rodeo Info" Page, and "Lane's Legacy" Page.

Lane's Brother and Sister

Lane has an older sister, Robin and a younger brother Cody.
May people are surprised to learn this, as the movie made no mention of them.
(Although they were in the script the Frosts liked best, the one that wasn't used,
along with Lane's good friend Freckles.)

Both are married today, with families of their own. 

Neither Robin or Cody participate in rodeos.


Check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page for the
answers to some of the most asked questions!

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This site began in 1999 in remembrance of Lane Frost and for the Frost Family.
I receive no pay or profit, nor want to,  from my operation of this site.