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Cowboy Bible

The Cowboy Bible is a very special tribute Lane's parents do in the memory of their son.
The Bible is given out for free, however, it is supported solely by donations that help
cover printing and mailing.

In a recent interview, Mrs. Frost said,

"If people remember one thing about Lane, we want it to be that he was a kind person
and knew Jesus."

The Cowboy Bible is a New Testament Living Bible. It has a drawing of Lane on a bull
on the cover and a message from Lane's Mom and Dad inside.

This Bible is made available by donations only.
The replacement cost for each Bible, (for printing and shipping) is about $3.00.

(Actually, that cost was from 1997. The Frosts haven't changed it,
but you have to know printing and mailing costs have gone up!

Please help out by donating enough to cover the replacement cost for each Bible you order.

Other donations for the Bible Fund are always appreciated.

Since many of you have written to me, or signed the Guest Book saying how much Lane
has influenced your life,

or gave you inspiration to try harder, to never give up,
or to be a better and more understanding person,

I thought you might like this opportunity to help Lane's parents to continue distributing t
he Cowboy Bible in memory of their son by donating to the Cowboy Bible Fund.

What other way to better remember Lane, and thank him for all he gave us,
than to help the people he loved the most?


 Send your request and donations to either address below:

At this time, for faster delivery of the Bible, it is recommended that
you send your requests and donations to C. Garrett.


Lane Frost Cowboy Bible
c/o Lane Baptist Church
P.O. Box 37
Lane, OK 74555
C. Garrett
17819 Country Hills
Tomball, TX. 77377

Please make checks or money orders out to Lane Baptist Church-Cowboy Bible.

If you would like to order the Bible with a credit card or with other
Lane Frost Items, Click...Here...  and it is at the bottom of the page.

Please do not e-mail me requesting a bible, you must send a letter to one of the
addresses above!





Check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page for the
answers to some of the most asked questions!

"© Copyright 1999-2013 For Frost Enterprises" All Rights Reserved
Do Not Copy or Reproduce Without Written Permission.

This site began in 1999 in remembrance of Lane Frost and for the Frost Family.
I receive no pay or profit, nor want to,  from my operation of this site.